About Me

Greetings!! My name is Kit Geri and I started my digital marketing career way back in 2015. Now I work between 6-10 hours a week, making passive income online. And the reason why I am here is to teach you do the same.

Why Kit Geri Is Different
It's simple & plane. No BS. No hype. No hidden agenda. Just solid information you can trust.

Before I discovered affiliate marketing, things were very hard for me. I was struggling financially, a lot. The money I had back than was low, and it always felt like I was missing out something, something very important that prevented me to make money online. Every time I tried to make money, I simply failed. Nothing seemed to work... No matter what I tried, I was in fact jumping from one point to another without getting real results. I faced a lot of obstacles, frustration & failed attempts. So much wasted time, but what happened really is that I gained huge experience that I would have not reached on any other way. 

Giving value to people is the real worth while doing this job. To me, your trust means a lot more than a couple of bucks.

The goal for this website is to help as many people as possible to create their own income streams. Because I know exactly how tiresome it can be to try and fail over & over again. I simply know, I've been there myself. Now, since I reached my financial goal, my aim is to help as many people possible. My main income is not coming from this website, but I do have a huge passion for digital marketing that I have taken care of. I’ve seen how affiliate marketing can change people’s lives. I’m living proof of that.

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